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Did You Miss It? Jesus Walking On Water

Were you too busy? Focussed on what was ahead? Not looking where you were going?

There are so many reasons why you might have missed the mark or fallen short. I know for me Im constantly missing the point of a good many things, BUT...

Even in the midst of our fog, when we are too focussed even on things that may cause us trouble, there is God. Coming out to meet us.

When I read this passage carefully and slowly and I pray THEN I begin to see in my heart Jesus walking on water...

This aint no party trick, what does this event mean for you, today?

Find out in this weeks message as we unpack the story of Jesus walking on water from Mark.

Lets do this together.

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Welcome to Sanctuary Chapel. We are a community that seeks to follow Jesus with everything that we have. You are welcome if you are already a Christian and you are welcome no matter where you are on your faith journey. We are praying for you already.


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